Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween 2008

Happy Halloween from MY Love and I
Have a Fright Filled Night, and keep the demons away.....Unless your into that :)


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Spirts of Serenity

This is an Image of the sim I own with My Sister and our friend Moku
Spirts of Serenity, we have close friends living on the sim with us. Errin, Our Fairy Queen Raine, Maite. And of course our Unicorn Serenity.
If you come to our land we wish you to respect our privacy, you are more than welcome to come to the Sim, hang out in one of the many trees for sitting in. Wander around the sim and enjoy what you may find.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A New Day!!!

This is a New Day in my Virtual life
Let me be up front here about my Blog and what it is about.


I am sorry to say, it is all about me this part of the internet revolves around me. I am the sun, the Nexus of this blog. Don't like having me as the center of the universe then this blog is not for you. Don't like what i say about something, I don't really care. I might hurt some people, i might say some things people do not like. Don't like what i have to say, why not tell me. I do listen. And do change my mind on things. We are always learning, as people.

From the Tao of Glimmering Sands
"the only thing you can do all the time for all the people is make them angry. The only way to make everyone happy all the time is to have never existed. But sorry, you have already spoiled that idea by being born. So now you just have to do the best you can, and if some feel hurt by it, well, it will happen."

My Blog:
I am going to talk about stuff, anything I want to involving my Virtual Life in second life.
I will be blogging about places i go in second life, pictures i take in second life.
Things i just love in second life, or things i dislike.
I might go to a sim and share the good and the bad about it, I might write about a product.
I am not aiming to hurt or bash or flame anyone or anything specific.

Who I am:
(tried to recall time frame on this stuff, may be off)
Hi I'm Cathiee McMillan, my real name is Cathiee yes i had to be different. well it is all about me isn't it :).
I have been in second life for a year. I have Done many things. I came to second life from IRC
I ran a channel on the sexnet irc chat system for 6 years. Fem_Fantasies. A friend of mine in irc got me to try Second life. took me a bit, but she helped me out, first thing she said get good skin and shape. So she took me to naughty island, I got myself a good Skin and a start of a shape.
I then modified my shape, to get close to my real life body type. added the bumm, the hips, the tummy weight, made my height smaller since at the time i saw amazon women in second life.
Well she helped me out for weeks showed me around i played on my own a bit.

Having run a fem_fantasies irc chat room i went looking. I am not a lesbian, i am bisexual i was married and had a daughter irl. So i decided to look for all fem clubs.
I discovered a new club at the time on a private island called Debra's Island paradise
I meet my SL Sister there, as well as one of my dear friends, there.
I really enjoyed the beach area of DIP as it was called. Bunch of us would sit around chatting in mornings around the fire, snuggling my cuddly elf sis, and then in evenings we would have parties. This was what really got me into Second life.
I was still running the fem_fantasies but hardly their, I ended up transfering ownership to a friend, and faded from irc.

Second life got intresting at the time, With the whole child av thing. and my Sister who is an elf and short, she was caught in the line with the owner of the sim where DIP was. Even if you took the time to read her profile you would know. But it was the panic of 2nd life.
So my cuddly elf left Dip, but we found a wonderfull place to live together.
Heard Thinners pub and the nicest man in second life in my opinion and a distant realitive on moms side Gideon McMillan. ( smiles thats what we told people)
We lived on his sim, and in several of his rentals for the prims :)
At this time i was hosting events at different areas, and then got into 2nd life photography.
Bought my self the n30 Studio. I feel in love with the photography in sl. and when windlight came out WOW i was blown away.
So soon Glimmer and I started looking for our own land to purchase. We found such a place.
We got to the sim one other person was in the sim who at the time would run around naked.
We meet Mokushiroku Kamachi and 3 of us became good friends, made the island look very pretty. Soon we had a neighbor, That i just feel for, Bounce, she was a hermaphodite in SL. I didn't care. She was fun she got me into SkyDiving, also she inspired me to go Neko and became her neko chan. Well that was not to last. I still have a soft spot fot Bounce and always will.
I was still At DIP in their new location working. I meet 2 people at one of the Contests for Miss DIP Nude. Angelica and Tanya It was so much fun with them. I was the head photographer at DIP as well and took all the Miss Dip Nude winners.

They then showed me the sim they ran, BSG-47. I was taken i wanted to roleplay in the sim.
At this time they both introduced me to Eyea. Eyea was a bright spot in my sl after Bounce leaving. I remember first meeting Eyea at Angelica's and Tanya's hot tub, i was trying new skin on and their was eyea, nude except for a belt and her flute.
Well i Joined BSG-47.
I soon meet thru Angelica, Dollwife and Nivea a couple. I was sort of going with Eyea at the time, but she said she could not commit to me. Well we remained friends and i started to hang out with Dollwife alot. We seemed to click. I fell for her. We then tried to have a 3-some relationship. This of course just didn't work. And i ended up back with Eyea in a more solid relationship. We had fun. But I was still very close to Dollwife.

In BSG-47 I meet a very dear friend of mine Freya, and one of my old friends from DIP came back to SL as Errin.
Soon i started to be to very vocal in BSG-47. I ended up in a situation that i admit was my fault. And i got banned from the sim. It was hard, things were said. I lost Tanya and Angelica as friends. I was putting Eyea in a bad situation as well. Since Tanya was a good friend of hers.
I also was putting My friend Dollwife in a bad spot since she was an admin in 47.

When i got banned I and two others were banned as well. The other two were already working on a new sim for bsg called BSG-21, I joined them at this time to help them get it up and running. I was making clothing and ads and textures. I was having fun, being part of something, helping out.
I was still, upset about Eyea being friends with certain people in 47, and would cause each of us Eyea and I lots of stress. It Just didn't Work. We ended up breaking up, And i was crushed at the time, even though it was for the best. Before Eyea and I broke up, Dollwife and Nivea broke up, deep down could this have expedited the breakup with Me and Eyea, Looking back now I would thinks so. Since Deep down I still had more of a connection with Dollwife.

BSG-21 I had strong hopes for, But things changed, things changed in ways i didn't like. I was feeling pushed out. I did somethings, I was not proud of, they were knee jerk reactions to things. One thing sent me over the edge, and I emotionally cracked in real life, i went back to a dark part of my real life. I have been coping with it. I have gotten better. Soon I was pushed out out of the sim, for several reasons, some my own and others because of the people in the sim, pushing me.

Today In second life:
I am Still feeling after shocks of BSG-21, I was am still a scapegoat for them, I had an older blog got rid of it since it was a place that the members of bsg-21 could get drama from me.
I have made up with some people from my past. Which makes me feel good. I have alienated others or lost others as friends, but i can not control that, people will see what they want. again the Tao of Glimmering Sands is in my mind lately.

What is next for my Second Life.
Well as this Blog says.
I am going to try to be postive with my second life,
I will be getting married in second life to my soul mate "Dollwife Pink" I am nervous and excited.
So all i can do is be who i am, The Good and the Bad that comes with me.
It is easy to see faults in others and not ourselves, but i will try my best for myself to understand mine and learn and hopefully change them.