Monday, April 27, 2009


This Weekend their was some great roleplay in Battlestar Group47
And with the roleplay came the swap out of the civilian ship the 7th heaven.
The 7th was redone off sim by Dollwife Pink and I. 
As usual we work great as a team.
This Ship out does the ship that we did in Bsg21 the "space park".
( the following is not about the admins of 47, they have been great)
It is very amusing how some people who hold stupid silly grudges, love to try to get you pissed off or try to get little digs in on you, and or the sim and the admins with out checking thing out before getting all demanding about things. But what else can you expect I guess from these people. I know what I did to the 7th heaven, even if these people fail to acknowledge it, and feel that my partner was the ONLY person who built it. That just shows their pettiness and why i don't have to associate with them anymore. 

Well next ship is the Celestra 

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