Monday, May 25, 2009

New hair

So i love Callico's Moca hair..

Friday, May 1, 2009

BSG21 issues again

I thought the rule between you and BSG-21 was no contact.

Things have been quiet for a while, nobody has contacted you, yet you initiate contact like this.

Are WE being harassed? Are you TRYING to make trouble?

If you felt this is some way to reconcile, its not possible. I'm still dealing with people who claim work you previously did for BSG-21 was actually stolen. Keep your word. Do not contact BSG-21 again.

We want peace and quiet.

This is frakkin silly they have nothing better to do except bitch.

SOME ONE CONTACT the PET and owners of BSG21 since they feel they can e-mail me but not get responses back.

How is this peace and quiet when I signed for face book by mistake and what a month ago and now you all reply, you already went to DOLLWIFE about it., Yet when BSG21 created the twitter they invited me, and I didn't accept their invite. So instead of my mistake like they make they feel I am causing trouble. Then to accuse me of stealing again!!!!
Get NEW UNIFORMS MADE and leave me alone.. 
I was under the Impression when Charlie was their She was hiring some one to make new ones.
Guess this was your typical lie coming from bsg21