Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Club Scifi-69

What have i been doing in SL lately. Well i have pretty much given up on Battlestar Galactica Roleplayy in second life. It is filled with elitist people.
Example when we started BSG-Universe we allowed anyone to join the sim, the same people that Banned me from their sims were actually in BSG-Universe as Alts. Or joined the group. Even the jerk who said that I was harrassing him all these People that banned me and disliked me were in a group I started for what reason to cause Drama the drama they say they hate so much.
So now they have a new sim after screwing over another sim owner. Well guess what I am banned in their automatically. Like that would really stop me if i really wanted in i would create an alt, Just like their dozen alts they have.
Anyway, I have given up the roleplay of BSG and actually most roleplay.

So I been playing in MCM mech combat and building and making clothing.
Last week Shara Doll and I thought that we don't really want to start a new rp sim. So instead we are opening a club designed to the sci-fi fan in all of us.

Club Scifi-69 was born.

we are almost done with the club, it looking pretty good.
We have all our friends from the sim helping us out. Getting in touch with Dj's and others to help out. We will be opening soon.

Ohh and OPEN to everyone.