Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sim talks

So one night after some major stuff in SL. Doll and I were sitting around talking and throwing around ideas of Sims that would be cool.
We talked about restarting the Space Arcania rp sim we were working on. But one of the things I pointed out to her is look at all the roleplay sims in Second Life that we have gone to explore look at how they are dead. Some Great and wondeful builds but alot nothing is going on.
But then you look at the Straight combat or flight sims in SL how they seem to do fairly well. Seem to always have players in them.
So we started to Kick around Ideas. We love the Sims like Doomed Ship and Necro the builds are haunting yet have more a sexual bend on them.
We Both talked about Movies like Aliens, Pandorum (Which i haven't seen yet), Event Horizon, Serenity, Zombie films.
When we started Space Arcania we purchased alot of the Spell fire scripts.
So we started to form an idea. I use to play this game with my Husband called "Space Hulk" Was straight forward Aliens vs Marines on big ships.
We talked about how we could do ever changing Maps easily so the sim doesn't get old that the Ships layout changes from week to week. We talked about how we can start the sim as a combat sim, and try to blend in some Roleplay and story. We talked how the spellfire combat rp system had everything we needed.
So we started playing with sets for the map of the ships.
I Borrowed some of the ideas from Space Hulk and Warhammer 40k and designed a new back ground for the sim idea.
Those was Born
"Space Repo",
The universe has contains masses of ancient, derelict starships, asteroids, and other assorted space junk drifting in and out of the Warp Space and Real space Some of these objects eventually merge into one massive form, ranging from the size of a small moon to a large planet, which drift through the territory of the Corporations. Because this mass of derlict Ships may contain bits of lost information or technology. the Corporations often send teams to search for and secure these Starships. The Masses of Ships may not stay in real space for very long, eventually slipping back into Warp Space, so retrieval operations must be rapid and efficient. Salvage of these masses are so important that these military units were formed military units were named Repo Marines.

Friday, April 16, 2010