Friday, October 21, 2011

funny thing

Yesterday I was hanging out in SL and all sudden I get an IM from the lovely owner of the “I Hate Cathiee blog” and not a second later I get an IM from “JN”.
I have to say I was laughing at this. Funny how one person who says they don’t harass people and another who has written a blog about me IM’d me at almost the same time. Suspicious isn’t it.
Several of my friends also saw the irony and humor on the fact they both IM’d me within seconds of each other.
JN basically went off on me that I should never speak about them again. I shouldn’t even bring up their name anywhere or they will include me in the “lawsuit” against the other two that he is doing.
I was laughing out loud to my self. What are you going to Sue me for, me posting that I did a search on a name you have no clue what I did. I could have just made it all up. But if you would like to spend the money and go to court over it be my guest. It will be several people vs you then in the lawsuit. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs RIP

So I was sitting on the computer last night and then happen to see on the Apple Website a big Picture of Steve Jobs and the dates.
This was a sad night to hear the death of a man who helped revolutionize personal computing.
I looked at my empty Mac Classic fish bowl and started to remember all the different versions of Apple products I have used.
This is not the end for apple Steve's legacy will continue on.

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs
Thank you for helping to produce the Macintosh Computer and the many other devices.

SLU Privacy

SLU Privacy

A Blog with some real good advice to protect your Privacy in Secondlife

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